About Us

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Welsh Value in Health Centre

The Welsh Value in Health Centre is a Welsh Government funded programme, working to achieve World leading health outcomes for the people of Wales.

By providing leadership, support, expertise and the strategic direction for embedding value-based healthcare across NHS Wales, we are driving better outcomes for patients in a way that is sustainable for the long-term.

Value-based healthcare encourages us to focus on meeting the goals of our patients and to help manage expectations throughout their care or treatment. Improving how patients are involved in decision making using the best evidence to hand, avoiding any unnecessary variation in care and becoming more creative to determine where the resources we have are best spent for improved patient outcomes.

By working with patients and teams (such as clinical, operational, data, informatics and finance) from across the healthcare system in Wales, and collaborating with industry and third sector, we are delivering the outcomes that matter to people with the resources available to us.

Enabling a whole system approach to value-based healthcare for Wales.

Why Realistic Medicine Matters

Practising Realistic Medicine has become more important than ever. Realistic Medicine has guided shared decision-making and is helping to personalise the care we provide in what have been exceptionally difficult circumstances. We have had to rapidly adapt our ways of working in this new landscape and accelerate innovation. We have had to balance new and emerging risks, ensure we minimise harm, and avoid wasting precious health and care resources. 

That is why Realistic Medicine is now firmly embedded as a key enabler within the NHS Clinical Prioritisation, Remobilisation and Rehabilitation Frameworks in Scotland. By practising Realistic Medicine, we will address many of the challenges faced by our health and care professionals, now and in the future. 

Embedding Realistic Medicine at scale will also to help deliver the culture change we are looking for. A culture where professionals have a clear, forward looking vision to practise shared decision making and tackle unwarranted variation in order to provide better value care – better value for patients and better value for the system.

Now is the time to accelerate the execution of our ideas to ensure we achieve our shared vision for Scotland that:

‘By 2025, we will support the Health and Social Care workforce to practice Realistic Medicine,  thereby enabling the delivery of high quality and personalised care to the people of Scotland.’

You can find out more at www.realisticmedicine.scot

Academy of Medical Royal Colleges

 The Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (the Academy) is the membership body for the UK and Ireland’s 24 medical royal colleges and faculties. 

Healthcare is complex and there are many issues where a cross-specialty perspective is needed. It is our job to collate our member’s views, and coordinate activities so that we can collectively influence and shape healthcare across the four nations of the UK.

This unique position also gives us a leading role particularly in the areas of clinical quality, public health and the education and training of doctors.

The Royal College of General Practitioners

The Royal College of General Practitioners is the professional membership body for family doctors in the UK and overseas. It is committed to improving patient care, clinical standards and GP training.